Saturday, February 05, 2011

New York Nocturne, Union Square

This new painting is called "New York Nocturne, Union Square", oil on canvas, 13 x 18 inches. The model is my wife's little sister, Bretony, who came along with us to New York (along with my painting pal, Bill Wray).

This piece started out quite differently, I dismissed my photo reference and painted it from my imagination, and cropped the composition. I removed the umbrella that she was carrying at an earlier stage in the work, and replaced it with the cell phone that's Bretony's constant companion. I like how it turned out, it kinda has a George Tooker feel to it.

Shortly after our New York trip, Bretony moved there... she still hasn't put down her cell phone.


billspaintingmn said...

Tony! I think you've got a great imagination! This has more drama without the umbrella. (And cell phones are more popular~)
I like the color.

tonypetersart said...

Thanks Bill, glad you like it! The umbrella was problematic... too dark, her head got lost under it. But I'm pleased with the finish now.

Unknown said...

This has a hauntingly soulful feel to it. It is also iconic of our younger generation isn't it. Bravo Tony.

tonypetersart said...

Hi Sheila, much appreciated! I've done a few paintings now of people with phones, like "Girl on Bike, Pacific Beach", and another one that I'll post soon.