Tuesday, January 14, 2014


 "Inflatable Lexus Gorilla" 12x14 inches, pastel

In Exile and the Kingdom, Albert Camus describes a poor Parisian painter, with barely enough money to feed his family, lying on his death bed. The artist’s latest, and possibly last work is a blank canvas holding just one small, illegible word. His best friend suspects the word is one of three possibilities – solitary, solidary, or solidarity.

"Mercedes Duo" 20x11 inches, pastel

Solitary points to the artist’s need to retreat from society in order to find inner clarity so he can create. Solidary signifies living in the marketplace. Solidarity means identifying with the masses. All essential ingredients if the artist is to create works grounded in significance to his age, yet lofty enough to speak to future generations. But how does one reach such heights? Inspiration.

"Inflated Gorilla" (Typhoeus) 14x18 inches, oil on canvas 

This series embodies the idea of inspiration. The word Inspiration is from the Greek word theopneustos (the-o'-pnyĆ¼-stos), literally meaning God-breathed. Full of breath, or air, these Inflatables echo Camus’ story as they loom above the marketplace (solidary) against a vast and lonely sky (solitary), beaconing to all who pass (solidarity).
"Inflated Car Dealership Panda" 18x24 inches, oil on canvas

Waking form a series of dreams about inflated objects, Peters was struck with his inspiration one particular Thursday afternoon. Already in a pensive mood with heightened awareness of his surroundings, he stopped for lunch in a crowded restaurant. There he pondered the absurdity he witnessed of people hurrying about, caught up in their daily grind. It was a surreal moment. Almost laughable. Upon leaving, he met his next muse.

"Gorilla Nocturne" 8x14 inches, pastel

Nearly unnoticed before, an inflated gorilla atop a car dealership cried out against the dying light. This engorged form of the inflatable gorilla became a symbol for Peters. A symbol of arousal stirring inspiration deep inside. From his desire to create works full of substance, he found subjects full of no substance at all, just air – the very breath of God.

"Monster Savings" 14x11 inches, pastel