Saturday, January 22, 2011

Buick Convertible, San Diego Freeway

"Buick Convertible, San Diego Freeway", oil on canvas, 16 x 41 inches.

I just finished this piece, along with several others, so I'll be posting each of them here soon.


Unknown said...

wow................I wish I could see this is person. I probably be escorted out because I would be standing slack jawed in awe in front of it too long.

Loved that video Tony...maybe you can post it in the sidebar so new folks can always click on it and get a little intro to you and your wonderful work.

william wray said...

Great to see this one in person-- look forward to seeing it again at your show.

tonypetersart said...

Thanks Sheila! I've already had lots of interest in this piece, and I just brought it to the gallery.

I'll take your advice about my video... just need to figure out how to do that :-)

tonypetersart said...

Hey Bill,

Thanks dude! I'm painting non-stop for the show... 20 paintings is a tall order at my pace of working!