Monday, June 04, 2007

Starlite Drive-In Theater

This is my newest painting, "Starlite Drive-In Theater". It is a smaller oil on canvas, 14 x 18 inches. Recently, I've started a dozen new paintings. All of them are depicting something of the Los Angeles area. That's why I've been slow to post any new artwork here on blogger for the last month, but now several of them should be coming upon completion soon. I may even pick away at this one a little more before I bring it to the gallery. Any suggestions?

This particular drive-in is actually no longer in use as a theater, but rather a swap-meet. The big screen is gone, so I had to imagine it here in my painting. The old sign was my initial inspiration, I love the old star on the googie style sign, as well as the long bluish shadow cast by it.


BoneDaddy said...

You must spend estra time creating such smooth lines, or else you've got the steadiest hands in the world!
I love the nostalgia behind it--good choice putting the screen back in. It looks like it must have been a small drive in, I think that would be better than the bigger ones.
If I could fit a structure like this in my yard...

tonypetersart said...

Thanks BG,

I did most of this painting in a day, then a little touching up after it had dried. I do enjoy painting with more of a loaded brush at times, I prefer a painting with a buttery paint application. But many of my pieces have emphasis on architecture, signage, and/or lettering... so yes, I feel it requires more of a steady hand.

Although I would like to include the best of both worlds. Lost and found edges.

Jesse said...

I was in LA for the past week. Seeing the city again brings all your paintings of the area into a new light.

Quite nice.

tonypetersart said...

Hey Jesse, thanks! Our southern California light is rather unique. Although it is similar to the south of France, I can see why the impressionists were so impressed with it.

william wray said...

I'd try and research it-- I bet It was darker with lettering on it.

Michelle said...

I haven't visited your website in a while. Now you have 3 new paintings up. They're all really good. This one is my fav. Really nice.

tonypetersart said...

Thanks Bill.... I'll leave the lettering for you to do :-)

tonypetersart said...

Glad you like it, Michelle.

Anonymous said...

This is a cool painting! I can just imagine the hod rodders that would've frequented this place back in the day....great work!

tonypetersart said...

Thanks, AJ, I appreciate it. Now-a-days this theater is mostly frequented by the local UCLA students, plus the occasional Hollywood premiere party.

Anonymous said...

Your art is great. I would love to see that drive-in but my reason for the post is to tell you about my new book.
My name is Ken Drake and I have been a drive-in fanatic since 1960. I was only 5 at the time but I remember going to the Star drive-in in Monte Vista, Co and going crazy at the swings and playground then rushing back to the car when the movie started. Somehow I always fell asleep and wound up in my bed. As time when on and I finally got my car, I was there every Friday or Saturday night. In 92 I started working for George and Edna Mae Kelloff as the maintenance manager (there was only me) and night clerk at the hotel. 4 years went by and I learned a lot about the movie industry and suggested that Geroge needed to have book writen about him and his success. At the time he said no but in 2002 he came to me and asked me to do the book.

It took 4 long years and most of the 5th to get the book just right and now it is done. In 1955 he opened the Star Drive-in and had no idea the red tape and hassles he would face with a changing movie industry. In that day MGM and Warners controled 80% of the product and if you weren't on the favored list, you didn't do so good. George sent a letter to his senator and congressman and got things changed. The book is 220 page of black and white photos and text. I also sell a CD that has the color version of a lot of the photos that we couldn't afford to put in the book and it can be downloaded. come to my site, and take a look for your self and please tell the rest of the group. the theater is going strong mostly because it is one of only two drive-in/motels in the world. The other one is in Texas. Infact they added a second screen two years ago.

I look forward to hearing from you on you thoughts on the site and any improvements I could make. Have a great day and if I may, I would like to leave you with the words that Mr. Kelloff said on his radio add for the theater, "Come out tonight and see the stars under the stars at the Star Drive-in!"

Ken Drake

Anonymous said...

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