Thursday, August 27, 2009

Drawing of a Girl Reading

This is my new drawing, "Girl Reading" 22 x 26 inches, pencil on white Strathmore paper. The photo of my drawing turned out a little bluish. *sorry* This is a preliminary study for a seperate painting I have started. As I began collecting reference around town for my own "library painting", I decided to go with the repetative pattern of the palm trees and the fence in the background. The neighborhood houses in the background are in Pacific Beach, an area here in San Diego where I used to live before I moved to Pasadena for school. Currently I'm doing a handful of summer paintings that take place in beach neighborhoods, if you scroll down a few posts, you'll see my painting of "Blue House in Encinitas". And I'll post my other new beach neighborhood paintings as I finish them too.

I was initially inspired to do my "library painting" when I saw some old WPA murals at the New York Public Library. They were painted in the late 1930's by Edward Laning (pics below).

The walls in the McGraw Rotunda of the New York Public Library are decorated with large paintings depicting the evolution of the printed word. In particular, I liked these two different paintings of people sitting under a tree and reading a book. And I do love to read myself.


Eric Merrell said...

Great subject again, Tony. I picked up a bunch of old books at the various thrift stores out in the desert, including a 1946 copy of "Dorian Gray" for $1.00! Reading an actual book is so much better than on a computer or kindle.

Let me know when you're up in L.A., go out and do some painting -

tonypetersart said...

Thanks Eric,

I'll let you know when I'm back up in LA, it'll be soon. Looking forward to hanging out again!