Thursday, May 18, 2006


This is the largest painting I've ever done, 54x48 inches. The view is of the 110 freeway cutting thru downtown Los Angeles. I started it just before Christmas, then I pulled it out again 3 weeks ago and decided to finish it.

I had considered having a bunch of cops running a car off the road and chasing or tackling a crazed woman trying to flee on foot. It actually happened to my next door neighbor in Pasadena, she was a fruit loop, didn't take her medication and got caught in a high speed chase. I saw it happen on the news.

But then I thought... who the heck is going to buy that? Then again, it might work. Maybe I ought to try it in the future. Like Goya's series, it could be called... "I saw it happen".


Jesse said...

That's quite tha painting. It feels big.

And I say go for the wacky car chases and tackling. It sounds fun.

tonypetersart said...

Yeah, I might go for it. Could even do a new series. I suppose that could take things to the next level beyond "just" landscape painting.

william wray said...

Got some great scale going here. Love the light on the onramp.

tonypetersart said...

Thanks Bill. I've been wanting to focus on larger canvases like this one for a while. Glad to finally have the big studio space to do it.