Tuesday, October 12, 2010

William Wendt Sketches

William Wendt Sketch "Girl Under a Tree"
William Wendt Sketch "Haystacks"

William Wendt's painting "Haystack" 16 x 20 inches, oil on canvas.

Keith at my gallery in La Jolla (K. Nathan Gallery) just picked up William Wendt's sketchbook at auction, the sketches in it were done somewhere around 1910. He has taken the drawings out and had them each beautifully framed for display. Keith was generous enough to give me a great deal, and I had the pleasure of being able to add this particular double-sided sketch to my personal collection (above).

I really loved the drawing of the girl sitting under a tree in the shade, especially since I have been focusing so much on the figure lately, plus I admire William Wendt's work so much anyway. It appeared to be the only figure in the entire sketchbook. On the reverse was this drawing of a haystack. I was excited to discover this corresponding image to go with it. The sketch appears to be the preliminary drawing for Wendt's painting, "Haystack".



Very fortunate and wonderful addition for your collection Tony! Have it framed with double-sided glass? Who's collection includes the Haystack painting?

And how have you been?

tonypetersart said...

Hi Susan! Yeah, I plan on having it framed double-sided so I can view both sides... tricky to display. I'm not sure who owns the original painting, but it sold at auction a while back.

I've been well, thanks. Just did a paint-out at Dan Pinkham's place, along with my fellow Mentor Members of the California Art Club this weekend. Totally inspired!