Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Coronado Bridge

This is another plein-air painting I did, it's called "Coronado Bridge". The size is 9x12 inches, oil on canvas. I enjoyed letting myself go a little bit in this one, the drawing is a bit quirky, and the paint rather thick in the sky. Perhaps I ought to let go a little more?

Believe it or not... this was another occasion that I was harassed by the cops when painting on location. My friend Aron and I were setting up our easels when a cop car pulled up. The officer had to run thru our drivers license numbers to see if we were terrorists or not. Fortunately, he let us go about our buisness. I always try hard to be nice to those jerks. I guess they need to fill out their stat sheets to account for their time not spent in the donut shop. Gotta look busy.


Jesse said...

It's go a future-y feel too it with that giant bridge dominating the smaller buildings.

tonypetersart said...

Thanks Jesse. After I posted this painting, I decided to re-work it. I'll re-post it soon. Meanwhile, I'm having computer problems.