Monday, April 24, 2006

Hollywood You Marry Me?

I'll be offering new giclee prints of "Hollywood You Marry Me?" in May. The size is 16x20 inches, printed on heavy rag paper. The edition will be limited to 75, all hand signed and numbered. These are archival and of museum quality, the unframed price will be $400.

I originally painted this view of the back side of the Hollywood Sign a few years ago. I took this painting to the old Mendenhall Gallery in Pasadena (when it changed to DNFA) and the director let me temporarily hang it in the show. Later that day, I took my girlfriend (Holly) up there to surprise her. She looked around the show in dislike, until she came upon this piece with excitement. She was confused when she saw my signature in the corner, since the show hanging wasn't mine. I told her, yes, it was my painting... and I said it's called, "Hollywood You Marry Me?" At first she asked if I was kidding, and I told her that would be a pretty sick joke. I showed her the ring, and she excitedly said yes, she'd marry me. We pulled the painting off the wall, and lived happily ever after. Holly and I will celebrate our 4 year anniversary on June 1st.


Jesse said...

I am quite impressed with how well the "blobby" background works.

I give it a thumbs up

tonypetersart said...

Thanks Jesse,

It's strange how I'll slave over some paintings for weeks, then others I'll knock out in a couple days (like this one). And still, who knows which one will really hit.

John Sanchez said...

Hey nice brush work. I agree with your assesment. You just never know when a good one comes out. I think its all about letting go and even that has its rituals. Some artist use drugs others meditate, who knows really what ever takes you out of yourself so that your subconscious skills can leave the work that even surprises you. This one is nice.

katat0nik said...

Nice view, what a sweet painting (sweet story too!)
Hope your shows are going well. :)

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed a lot!
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